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February 2011







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Honey Bees

“The work of honey bees in pollinating food crops in this country and world wide is well known. Of recent years, the decline in the population of bees has been caused partly by infestation of the varroa mite, together with wetter winters which are thought to be responsible.

New research into this worrying decline in the U. K. is being pioneered jointly by the National Bee Unit, based at Sand Hutton, near York, and Aberdeen University. The process uses the Nobel Prize-winning theory called RNA Interference. It works by introducing harmless genetic material into the varroa mite, which encourages the mites' own immune response to self destruct”.

The Yorkshire Post - January 6th. 2011

The Science Group has been privileged to have visited the research establishment at Sand Hutton, formerly CSL, where we learned of the wide range of on-going research into all aspects of our food and the environment. It is good to know that this is being monitored so rigorously.


Sheena Pawson


An article in Benhealth magazine last year referred to wet summers as one cause but on the plus side claimed that the number of British beekeepers has risen in the last few years.


150 Years Ago – Punch 1860

No Change Today!

No Chance Today!

The True Aristocracy



IT is clearly absurd that the Peers should be hereditary legislators. It is equally clear that the working men are endowed by nature with political knowledge. Let us not subvert, but invert the Legislature. What say you to abolishing the House of Lords and substituting for it a House of Labourers?

Make what use you please of this suggestion, freely offered by your old friend,




AT no moment of difficulty does a husband, knowing his own utter helplessness, draw so closely to his wife's side for comfort and assistance as when he wants a button to be sewn on his shirt-collar!