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February 2011







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Branch Co-operation

Richard and Ivan do some research into Walking Holidays


Last year Richard Stobbs was contacted by Chepstow U3A They were coming to Harrogate for their annual walking holiday and wondered if we could suggest some walks for them. This was done and an offer was made to lead some of the walks, but they seemed to prefer their own leaders. No problem.

This was some nine months before their arrival, after some further emails they asked if Richard and his wife would like to join them at the Cairn for a meal on a Saturday night, Richard explained to them he was not married but would do his best as there was nine months to go.

Time went by and he had not found a wife, I offered to lend him mine for the night, however Chepstow came to the rescue making an offer for Richard to bring a colleague - I jumped at the chance.

So on Saturday night we both arrived, collar and tie, all done up in our best attire, not quite sure what we had let ourselves in for. We were met at the bar by Richard’s contacts and their wives who took us to the Windsor suite dining room, this was set for the evening meal, it was fantastic, wonderful service, wonderful food, and very congenial company. After this we took coffee in reception, then onto the room that we use for our monthly meeting, the room was set out with the chairs facing across the dance floor where the microphone and a keyboard had been placed.

Proceedings started with prizes being given for events that had taken place during the week. This was followed by presentations to people who had done much of the work in setting up the holiday.

The formalities completed their entertainment started, the best hours entertainment I’ve seen took place. They must be congratulated for the way they all joined in to make it so wonderful, all done by members of the group.

The programme included,

Keyboard played by a member who had only started playing 18 month ago.

A lady soloist like you had never heard before.

Two monologues- all very relevant.

Man versus woman routine- the best I have ever heard.

One of the Cairn’s maids mimed to a song? Well I think she was but it looked like a man to me.

The double D’s, a singing group.

Communal singing of the Manchester folk song written when we were not able to go rambling the way we do now. Thanks to the mass trespassers of the thirties, of which my mother-in-law was one, we now have access to our wonderful moorland and countryside.


We made our farewells and left for home with some very innovative ideas.


Our walking holiday this year will be very different. We are going to try it their way!


I really do like doing research projects.


Ivan Peel


Richard received a mention in the recent U3A news