Issue  38

February 2011




Chairman                                  Tricia Ward


Vice Chairman                         David Davies


Secretary                                  Ruth Townrow


Membership Secretary          Pam Gilling


Treasurer                                  Margaret Marks


Group Coordinator                Barbara Davy


Group Development              Angela Sansam         


Publicity                                    Leonard Boydell


Programme Secretary           Roger Wilkins


Committee members             David Masterman


                                                     Pauline Nolan


                                                    Carolyn  Watson




                                                    Barbara Peel





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Chairman’s Message

We have been experiencing a particularly hard Winter with the usual crop of bugs and viruses. I hope the ice and snow did not cause you too many problems in your wish to enjoy family get togethers over Christmas.


It is good to settle back into the routine of Group activities.


I draw your attention to the report submitted by Dave Masterman. I thank him for the work he has done in exploring the viability of a celebration for our 20th Anniversary. The letter sent to all members was a useful exercise. The fact that only 25% of the membership replied does indicate that the majority of members are more interested in the Groups than Harrogate U3A.


The National Office does support the U3A's and we need Trustees to comply with our Charity Status. Our Committee members and various support teams are always on hand to serve all the Membership.


I wish everyone a peaceful and happy 2011.


Tricia Ward


P. S. I welcome feedback and letters to the Editor.

Open Meeting Date Change

The April meeting has been changed from 29th April (Royal Wedding!) to 15th April - same speaker etc.