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February 2011







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Group Updates cont’d

Family History

The 4th meeting of the Family History group was held on Friday 14th January at Community House. We confirmed that we would like to remain as a self-help group, giving and receiving advice,rather than the "lecture and tea" format favoured by other groups.

At the meeting ,one member described how he had discovered, using genealogy forums,the circumstances of his uncle's death in the war. Some members are complete beginners. Other more experienced members gave advice to get them started.

The next meeting will be on Thursday February 10th at the Family History Centre Wetherby Road from 2 till 4 p.m. An Agenda will be e mailed to all members.


and Eveline Jackson

French Conversation 1

Our group has suffered a double loss recently.

Margaret Grint was a founder member of our group and was the coordinator. Sadly, Margaret became ill two years ago and died last November. We miss her presence at our meetings and her gentle humour.

John Edwards joined us shortly before Margaret became ill and later accepted to be our acting leader/co-ordinater.  He added an extra liveliness to the group introducing interesting topics to the conversation. He very much enjoyed the meetings and using his language skills in a relaxed atmosphere. He had been a teacher of French, and encouraged us in speaking. After a short illness John passed away last November. We very much miss both Margaret and John in our group.

Our group of seven members of varying ability meets in each other’s homes weekly on Friday mornings. For about an hour we chat [in French of course] about anything and everything. After a coffee break (with cakes!), we read and translate a few pages of the current  book (Marcel  Pagnol’s Jean de Florette).

There is room for one or two new members.


Mary Brown

History of Art

Brian continued his talks on Impressionism starting with Auguste Renoir, who was very popular with the public, obtaining high prices for his pleasant, happy images. (He was painting flowers on porcelain plates at age 13 yrs.).He then spoke of both Camille Pissarro, considered an elder of the movement, and Edgar Degas, wealthy, with a family  connection to  New Orleans, where he painted the New Orleans Cotton Office 1873.

An interesting aside, the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 affected all the Impressionists, some fighting, and some emigrating to avoid the fight. We look forward to February, when we resume our look at Impressionism. Thanks again to Brian Souter for all his knowledge, and his willingness to share it.


Judy Muscarella

History, Local

Since relocating to Starbeck Methodist Church, the membership of the Group has slowly increased and now stands at 50.  Speakers are varied and in keeping with the overall theme of the history of Harrogate and district.

In September, Keith Wilkinson retraced the steps of a visitor arriving in  Harrogate in late summer 1914 to take the “Harrogate Cure” and concluded with the poignant images of youthful volunteers joining the local “Harrogate Pals” and going to war. In October, Roger and Barbara Davey described what happens in the Ilkley Playhouse before a production is staged.  As a result of this talk, May’s outing will incorporate a visit to the Theatre to have a behind-the-scenes tour. November saw John Symington describe what it was like to live in Yorkshire during the Civil War. In December Ken Humphries using music and songs from the time  talked about the Victorian Music Hall from its beginnings in supper clubs.

The year began with a talk by Jenny Stacey about the Whaling industry and her great grand father who had been the Captain of a Whaler fishing out of the port of Hull.


The programme for the rest of the year is:-

February - David Hunt - Knaresborough Castle

March  - David Harker – North Country Humour

April  -  John Gilleghan – The Story of James Herriott


Betty Travena

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