Issue 38

February 2011




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												Cook Trotter, LLP
																	Chartered Accountants
													3 Sceptre House,
													Hornbeam Park,
													HG2 8PB Tel: 01423 874777 
																		Honorary Auditors to Harrogate U3A
           COOK TROTTER, LLP
                Chartered Accountants
            3 Sceptre House,
            Hornbeam Park,
            HG2 8PB Tel: 01423 874777
                 Honorary Auditors to Harrogate U3A


Dear Editor,

I refer to the Magazine of the Third Age Trust (U3A News) and an article by the Chairman, Ian Searle (issue 92  Autumn 2010) :  Research the Benefits of Learning. An extract follows but it would be preferable for it to be read in its entirety.


.........”Learning is an essential part of a civilised society....... Learning is not confined to learning job-specific skills.”

“The contribution of informal adult education such as that offered by U3As, is seen as a very positive force for well-being which has clear benefits.”

The Ethos of the U3A continues within the Photography Group, of which I am a member, and experienced in other Groups within Harrogate U3A.

Members share/learn with others the various aspects of photography, and with the ever-increasing advancement in technological invention there is much to learn and hopefully digest.


Eileen Crank

13 January 2011