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February 2011







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More Bowling Opportunities

Wayside bowling club St Leonards Oval


Come and join us and meet new people.

We have five evening teams, two afternoon veteran's teams and one Saturday afternoon team playing in the Airedale area. Tuition on Saturday mornings for learners





Ladies and gentlement who are interested in trying their hand at the civilised game of Crown Green Bowling are always welcome, as new members, at the Low Harrogate Bowling Club near Tewitt Well.

The season begins in March and a warm welcome is extended to any U3A member who might wish to join.

No previous experience is necessary and friendly advice and instruction on the game are always available.

An Open Day is planned for April when potential new members can come along and try their hand.

A number of our U3A members have already joined so the chances are you will already know some of the bowlers.

For further details please contact:  


David Davies


Deadline for contributions:  May 21, 2011

(planned publication date mid June 2011)

Send contributions (if possible by email or email attachments created in notepad, wordpad or word) to:  

Reminder for Stray Bits

Stray Bits issues are published on Open Meeting days, except in the month when there is an edition of Stray News (February, June and October). If you have information of any kind, i.e. reminders of events, changes of days/dates, points of interest, any suggestions, please contact Editor by email: before the 14th of the relevant month.

Unless otherwise shown address all enquiries to Harrogate U3A by email at

Laptop For Disposal

In 1999 we applied for and were awarded, a lottery grant for the purchase of a laptop computer. We bought a top of the range  SONY VAIO and used it for computer instruction and keeping U3A records. This computer is now outdated and has been written off the U3A accounts.

Does anyone want it?

It is outdated because it runs Windows98 and cannot connect to Broadband internet.

It can connect to dial up internet and is well able to run all the normal programs such as Word Processing, Spreadsheets, photo storage and editing etc.

If someone would like to give it a home, please  post email to

If several members request it, I will ask someone to pick a name from a hat; if no one wants it, I will give it to St Michael’s.


Brian Graham