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February 2011







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Group Updates cont’d

Walking Group

Due to the increased number of members wishing to take part in the walking groups, recently 32 people joined the walk, it has been decided that a reorganisation of the groups will take place on the 1st March. Below is a list of groups and their format.


Travel to start by bus for the following


Group leader Barbara Peel

1st Tuesday of the month., 12.45 p.m. in the bus station. Led by members of the group.

Not more than 4 miles and where possible a cup of tea at the end.


The Walking Group

Group leader  Barbara / IvanPeel


1st, 3rd, and 4th, Tuesday of the month

Distance: 5 to 6 miles, Walks to be pre-walked by their leader.

Leaders to come from within the group.



Group leader Ivan Peel


Walks to be1st, 3rd, and 4th, Tuesday of the month.

Distance: 7 to 8 Miles. Walks to be on a map and compass basis.

Start time 10.15 a.m. in railway station

Leaders to come from within the group.

Simple programme indicating bus, and start point, and leader.


Explorers Walking group

Group leader Richard Stobbs


Walking on the 1st Saturday of the month. Distance 7 to 10 miles non pre walked.

Walks to be advised

Leaders from within the group.


Travel by car for the following

Walking using cars

Group leader Ruth Lurcuck

5th Tuesday of the month.


Ivan Peel