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February 2011







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Group Updates cont’d

Square Dancing

Have you Reversed your Flutter or done the Grand Square, these are just some of the moves used at an International level in Modern American Square Dancing. Come and learn these and other moves on a Wednesday afternoon at Woodlands Church Hall, Wetherby Road, Harrogate.

The Harrogate group [or Strayside Squares] is taught by John Kozyra, John has been a Square Dance caller and teacher for about ten years, having taught many of the local dancers over this period. John has recently called for the Warrington U3A group [Warrington Golden Squares] at their Christmas party. This was the first time that these dancers have had a 'live' caller as they are being taught from CDs and tapes by their group leaders, the dancers were so impressed that they are organising a visit to Harrogate on the Wed 13th April to combine some sight seeing and to be able to dance on the Wednesday afternoon. In view of this John is giving an open invitation to all square dancers to attend, inclusive of a U3A group in York and any of the local or international dancers who may wish to attend.

The dance will be held at Woodlands Church Hall from 1-30p.m. to 3-30p.m. with light refreshments at a cost of £2.00 for the session. For more information please contact :  .

Just a few lines further to the above as some non U3A members could be attending this dance I propose to run it under the sponsorship of my registered club in Knaresborough [The Chain Gang], this means we will have full insurance cover for the event.


John Kozyra

Tai Chi

The Chinese New Year was celebrated at the Horoscope Restaurant together with all the classes that Breffni teaches.  This is an annual event and much enjoyed by everyone.

Tai Chi continues at Bilton on Mondays and Jennyfield on Thursdays.  For times and more information please contact:  .

Please note that there will be no Tai Chi on Monday, 14th March, as Breffni, the instructor, is away on the final session of his Course.  The term will be extended to accommodate this alteration


Val Cooke

Theatre group

We have a new programme for Feb – May 2011. Below are the performances we are planning to attend:

Harrogate Theatre Private Lives Tues March 1st 7-30p.m.

York Theatre Royal To Kill A Mocking Bird Thurs Feb 24th 2p.m.

Royal Hall Coppelia Wed March 23rd 7-30p.m.

West Yorkshire Playhouse The Deep Blue Sea Thurs March 10th 1-30p.m.

April in Paris Sat April 16th 2p.m.

Hamlet Thurs April21st 1-30p.m.

Bronte Thurs May 26th 2p.m.

For further details or a copy of the programme contact:


Jean Jayne

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