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February 2011







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Group Updates cont’d

Italian Conversation

The Italian Conversation class meets once a month on the first Tuesday of the month at 5p.m. Our next meeting is 1st March. In our monthly class our express aim is to stimulate lively discussion among the members about everyday matters, enhance vocabulary and knowledge of the Italian language,improve listening skills and to make each session as pleasurable and interesting as possible. Apart from conversation we have fun with quizzes, games and role play.

At our Christmas meeting I dressed up as Babbo Natale(Father Christmas) and my fellow coordinator/facilitator Rosie Clarke dressed up as Mamma Natale(Mother Christmas) to ask class members which presents they would like.


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Mamma Natale
Babbo Natale

Keep Fit

This class continues on Tuesday afternoons at the Jennyfield centre.  We welcome new members at any time during the term.  Sandra the instructor has been with us for nearly three years and she manages to keep us fittish despite Christmas puddings!  As usual we are planning our Annual lunch at the beginning of April.  Cancel all holidays to be there!  Contact Val Cooke for more information email:  

Reading For Pleasure

This will be our 18th year. Are we catching up with “The Mousetrap”?

We have had another interesting and lively year, during which time we have read a large and varied selection of books, which have been discussed thoroughly and we are not afraid to give an honest opinion about them

We tried two new ventures this year. I gave each member a voting paper at the end of each meeting, which asked them to give the book, marks out of ten for characters, plot, literary merit, and readability. I counted the scores up at the end of our year, taking into account that the numbers of members varied at each meeting. The book which came top in 2010 was “The Deaf Sentence” by David Lodge.

Another suggestion that we tried was for each member to bring a book in a paper cover, to be swopped, read by the recipient and then discussed at the meeting in June. This was very successful, as many of us discovered new authors and books to add to our ever growing collection of books to read. Both of these new ventures were a great success, and we are going to repeat them again this year.


Jill Pullman