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February 2011







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Drawing and Painting Group 3

The group started the New Year with a core attendance of about eight members, including one more man! He's spreading the word too, and another lady is joining U3A and our group this month. Space-wise, we are happy with a group of no more than 12 people.

I appreciate the fact that members enjoy the relaxed company and generally try their hand at any subject/medium on which we decide. We lost our 'Art Input' member in May 2010, and I was more than a little concerned at having all responsibility dropped on me. In fact I almost came to the point of giving up the group. Recent notes and comments of appreciation for our Tuesdays have been encouraging, and as long as people are happy to stimulate each other and not expect tuition, then we'll carry on.





The group continues to thrive as we practice (when time!) I think we all found that it was not as easy as we expectedt. When all the paper and pens are laid out and the concentration begins it is a soothing, relaxing time. We meet for two hours at Community House on the second Friday of the month, the next one being on February the 11th. Why not come and join us.


Ruth Ogle


We play on Monday and Friday from 2 p.m. at Bishop Monkton Croquet Club. The season starts sometime in April and ends in October, weather permitting.

We are a very friendly group and have several activities including a BBQ and cream tea. We play friendly matches against other clubs. We also have a Club Challenge Match.