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November 2010







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Croquet Champions

Lorna Bray won this year's "Ladies Croquet Championship" (out of both Bishop Monkton and the U3A Section of Bishop Monkton) and is seen receiving the cup from our Croquet Group Leader Dawn Hey.

Simon Horner (Bishop Monkton Croquet Club) won the Men's Croquet Championship

Simon Horner and Eileen Davies (U3A Section) jointly won the Doubles Croquet Championship


Eileen Davies


Photography Past and Present

In the year 2000, soon after the photography group was formed, a few of us visited the National Media Museum (formerly National Museum of Photography Film and Television) to view an exhibition illustrating the life and work of William Fox Talbot, one of the early pioneers of the craft. It was comprehensive and most interesting.

There were examples of Photogenic Drawing, followed by the Calotype process and devlopments thereafter.

Some years later I visited Laycock Abbey, and found much of interest there in the Fox Talbot Museum.

From those early beginnings we can ponder the continuous evolution of the art of photography, the innovation of technical advances which can correct or enhance the process, yet nothing supercedes the importance of the skill of the photographer's eye.


Sheena Pawson

What's it all about?

February Stray News included an article with the above title about new technology which I have repeated in part below.

“Most of us have been left behind by advancing technology and the myriad  products which are now part of modern living, iplayer/MP4 player, ipod/MP3 players, iphone, podcast, mobile phone, camera, video, bluetooth, ebook, digital tv / radio, HDMI, DVD recording, home cinema, Facebook, YouTube, Blackberry, GPS, blog, twitter/tweet , WIFI etc.,” ( - and now add Kindle, iPad, androidphone etc.etc.)

I was pleased to receive about ten interested responses but not all felt they could present a topic . Because of that and the obligations of a group leader I did not take it further. Some members expressed disappointment and one is enthusiastic enough to lead the activity and so I am returning to the subject.

The range of subjects is too varied to expect one person to be conversant with all topics and so every member will be required to lead a topic, with support from the other members. This is not as difficult as it may appear since information is now readily available on the internet. If you are interested in this idea, please contact me (again), by email. With sufficient interest, I will arrange an initial meeting in the New Year where we will agree on procedure and identify the first few topics.

(The same subject is raised in the (national) October U3A News where the writer asks for ideas to enable the typical U3A member to keep up with the use of modern products)

Brian Graham