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November 2010




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Proposed Workshop on More Effective Public Speaking

The committee considers that a workshop on public speaking would be a constructive event for members, especially those who address meetings or give a report from time to time, such as Officers and prospective Officers, Group leaders and prospective Group leaders, or anyone who might be asked to give a vote of thanks.

The workshop would consist of a small group and would cover:-






If you are interested contact  . A list will be compiled on a first come basis.


The date and venue will be confirmed later.


David Broadley

Short Course in January 2011 – UK History 1945-1997

The course aims to revive our understanding of the recent past through which we have lived and in which we have taken part.

The colour and texture of the times will be recalled by substantial use of visual material to stimulate our discussions and help us recognise the key themes that have shaped our Islands' continuing story.

The course will run for eight, two-hour sessions between 1400-1600 hours on alternate Mondays beginning 10 January 2011 and ending Monday 18 April 2011.


Location: Conference suite, Harrogate Baptist Church, Victoria Avenue.


Topics to be covered will include:


UK and the World   1945


Austerity Years      1945-51


Years of Recovery  1951-64


Office not Power    1964-79


Slaying of Dragons 1979-90


Grey Years            1990-97


Several U3A members  registered for the course at Open Day but some spaces may still available so if interested please contact,

as soon as possible.


David Davies