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November 2010







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Message from the Chairman

As we pick up the threads of our routine of new Courses and Group Meetings, I hope you feel the benefit from enjoyable and interesting holidays, whether in this country or far flung destinations.

A big "thank you" to Group Leaders, who provided interesting displays at our Open Day and AGM. They were appreciated by established members, new members and visitors.

In my report for the AGM I said that the 12 months since the 2009 AGM had not been as traumatic as I had anticipated, due in no small measure to the help and support of the Officers and Committee Members.

Catherine Willmett retired after serving three years as Treasurer and she was thanked for her meticulous care of our finances. I am pleased to report that Margaret Marks is to take over this position.

Our Membership Secretary has also served for three years and we thanked Barbara Peel for her enthusiasm and efficiency and look forward to a seamless hand over to Pam Gilling.

Betty Travena retired from the Committee after a term of four years, during this time she has been a great asset to the Executive.

I was delighted to acknowledge Hildegarde Kendall as an Honorary Member, in recognition of her 16 years as Leader of the German Conversation Group.

Our next AGM and Celebration of our 21 years will be on 30th September 2011 at the Cairn Hotel. We do hope that with your help, this will be "Another Day to Remember".

Please continue to give our Editor interesting, action photographs and reports for Stray News. This publication is a way of sharing your activities with members and supporters.

Finally - Tickets for our Christmas Lunch at a cost of £17 are for sale – contact Ruth Townrow and Lee Parkes is selling Diaries.


I have just received this message from Christine Ball, Secretary of YAHR (Yorkshire and Humberside Region).

"Terry Hardie will be visiting us on 29th November in Doncaster to lead a seminar day on ‘Practical Aspects of Running your U3A’. This will be of use and interest to current and potential committee members and Group Leaders on whom we place great reliance. More details will be sent later


Tricia Ward

Barbara Davy - Group Co-Coordinator

I now have had a full year with Harrogate U3A after moving from Teesside to be near my family.

My background was secretarial and I met my husband at ICI Wilton in the Personnel Department. Whilst having three children at home I was involved with Voluntary youth work. What was then the Girls Venture Corps. I retrained as a Social Worker and worked for Middlesbrough  Council for six years.

I was President of the Cleveland Soroptimists twice and maintained my interest in voluntary youth work.

Having moved to Northallerton I took a post as Personnel Officer with Northern Foods.

We moved back to Teesside when my husband was ill. Whilst there I was in the Saltburn District U3A for five years, was Secretary for three years, and led two groups.

Having joined Harrogate U3A I offered any expertise I had acquired to your Committee and have had an interesting and happy year.