Issue  37

November 2010








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planned publication month February 2011

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Chairman                                  Tricia Ward

Vice Chairman                         David Davies

Secretary                                  Ruth Townrow
Membership Secretary          Pam Gilling
Treasurer                                  Margaret Marks

Group Coordinator                Barbara Davy

Group Development              Angela Sansam         
Publicity                                    Leonard Boydell

Programme Secretary           Roger Wilkins

Committee members             David Masterman
                                                     Pauline Nolan

                                                    Carolyn  Watson


                                                    Barbara Peel

Membership Update

This will be my last report as Membership Secretary before I hand all the records on to Pam Gilling on December 1st.

Over 750 members have paid their subscriptions leaving over 200 outstanding. Based on previous years I estimate that 100 – 150 will be deleted on December 1st leaving a membership of about 850 – 870, at least 50 more than last year. We have lost a few members to the newly formed Wetherby U3A but that was to be expected. The 1,000 milestone still seems someway off but I have seen numbers grow from 638 in three years.

I should like to take this opportunity to thank Elizabeth Cradddock and Pat Turtle who have willingly helped me on the membership desk at the AGM, and Pam Gilling who joined us this year. Also thanks to the ‘willing helpers’ who have folded letters and helped stick address labels on the Stray news envelopes. I am sure many members do not realise the number of mundane tasks that go on behind the scenes to keep the wheels of Harrogate U3A running smoothly.


Barbara Peel


Unless otherwise shown address all enquiries to Harrogate U3A by email at