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November 2010




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Group Update (Cont’d


The next meeting will be on November 17th.  The subject is 'The Mechanics of Vision Correction' given by Chris Nixon.

22nd December   DVD and discussion

19th January    to be arranged


The Scrabble group still has a few places left. All standards of play welcome. Next meeting on 11th November at 2pm prompt. If you feel a bit uncertain about it, feel free to come to observe without obligation or commitment - we are a very friendly bunch.


Joy Able

Sketching on Location

We are a small and friendly group, and will welcome new members. We go out and about by public transport, and on as many occasions as possible we try to have some lunch together, before going off to do some sketching.

Unfortunately we do not have a tutor, so we are a group of enthusiasts who try our best. We are all struggling, but we do have some enjoyment as well.

Don't be afraid to give us a try - we don't bite. We meet on the third Wednesday of the month

November 17th - Leeds Art Gallery - catching the 36 bus at 10.35am

We do not meet in December

January 19th -'The Armouries in Leeds – catching the 36 bus at 10.35am – suggest you bring a packed lunch



The Friday philosophy group, which had been the original group and thrived for about ten years, has lived its life and faded away.

Therefore, the Tuesday group, which I started two years ago to absorb the waiting list and is going strong is now ‘The Philosophy group’. During that period we have studied the philosophy and social conditions of the ancient Greeks and the Romans, This academic year we shall be studying a book, ‘Philosophy - The Basics’, written for first year Open University students, by Nigel Warburton, the O.U. senior Professor of philosophy. It shows philosophical methods of thought and argument. So far we have been considering the ever important topic of ‘Right and Wrong’ or ethics.  What is right or wrong, what is the right course of action to take, why do we think that? Have we ever considered those questions or do we just follow in the footsteps of others? What makes an action a moral one, is it because of a religious doctrine, or an act from a sense of duty as defined by Immanuel Kant, is it because the likely consequences have been considered as the Utilitarians would?. These are all questions that should be asked by philosophers before considering the value of an ethical statement. At the next meeting we shall be discussing the ethical question of  ‘Is suicide wrong’. At the January meeting we shall start looking at the question of, ‘Does God exist’? Each individual’s answer to this perennial question will almost certainly affect that person’s answer to an ethical question.

David Broadley