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November 2010







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There was a pleasing response to the calligraphy table at the AGM. Ten Names were added to the list of interested folk of whom five attended the group meeting on October the 8th. A further three rang to say they were unable to come in October but were looking forward to attending in November. Due to the increase in numbers, the venue has changed to Community House on East Parade. The next gatherings will be on Friday November the 12th   from 2pm till 4pm, and  December the 10th.

Thank you all for your interest and anyone who would like to join us will be very welcome.


Ruth Ogle

History of Architecture

2010 - 2011 Programme  for the  new series of lectures by Hilary Smythe at St Robert’s Centre from 3pm-5pm on Sundays


Sunday 23rd January 2011              27th February 2011              27th March 2011                24th April 2011


History of Art

Impressionism – Brian began by setting the scene, the practices of Salon or Academic Art of the time.  The established style used fine invisible brushwork, photo realistic images (before photography), large scale paintings, laborious mixing of own paints, works finished inside a studio. The accepted themes were serious, heroic and ‘worthy’. Impressionism was the most significant art movement of the 19th century. It freed up subject matter and technique, showed the effects of light and weather outdoors, utilized new technology, eg: paints available in tubes, and new colours, and colour theory. It began to evolve in the 1860’s with artists like Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Pissarro, Cezanne and Degas, and were given the name Impressionists by an art critic at the 1874 Exhibit showing Monet’s Impression: Sunrise, which was considered sloppy and unfinished. Critics at the time were not used to seeing brushstrokes!

In future sessions Brian will present various artists, and the influence of photography on art.  This is a well attended and popular group, and we are grateful for Brian’s extensive knowledge of art and his presentation skills.

Judy Muscarella

Keep Fit.

 This group meets on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm and we have just signed up our first man for a few years!  He is very brave!!  Why not come to join him chaps, I’m sure he’d like some company. Sandra is our qualified instructor and we welcome newcomers at any time during the term.  Email :