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Issue 37

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November 2010

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Painting Group Activities

We completed our group project, the Harrogate Panorama shown above. A series of photographs were taken (by Brian Graham) from the top of Copthall Tower. These were printed and transcribed on to four panels which were then divided into numbered grids. Each of us painted two approximately A5 sections. The panels were reassembled and were exhibited at the AGM. We plan to show them to the public in Harrogate as soon as we find a suitable site.


In July we visited Chatsworth House and in September, Saltaire, and produced work based on our sketches and photos.


Recently a small group of us spent five lovely days in Amsterdam.


The group meets each Tuesday throughout the year.


If you are interested in drawing and painting, contact our Group Leader,  for more information. We have a few vacancies for the afternoon session.


Esme Paterson

Peter Kearney