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June 2010







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Introducing David Masterman

I have been a member of U3A for the last three years. My professional career was spent in education and for part of that time I was the Principal Community Education Officer in Leeds with a responsibility for the adult continuing education programme across that city.

That work gave me a life time commitment to on-going learning in communities. U3A represents an outstanding example of what can be achieved in a locality with the use of peoples' skills, talent, knowledge and experience. I have learned so much in the short time I have been a member of Harrogate U3A.

Membership Update

Membership continues to grow steadily; we are once again fast approaching the 900 mark. In my three years as membership secretary I have seen numbers rise from 638 in December 2007 to well over 900 in November last year. Will I enrol the 1,000th I wonder?

Having completed three years as membership secretary I will hand over the records on December 1st when those of members not renewing will have been deleted. However a new membership secretary needs to be elected at the AGM. Unfortunately as yet nobody has expressed an interest in taking on this vital role. See situation vacant notice.


Barbara Peel – Membership Secretary

From the Editor

Never make assumptions. I have recently learned that my request for submissions to be by email as attachments in rtf or txt format is incomprehensible. I have therefore amended the note (see below) to show the software that could be used as not everyone understands or displays file extensions.

Any copy should be simply formatted as I will invariably alter the format to suit the space available and style appropriate. A reminder again to send images separately from a document as in line images are hard to amend.

I apologise for the lateness of this issue but I am afraid I took a holiday at a critical stage in the assembly process.

The next issue is scheduled to appear as soon as possible following the AGM and the final deadline is 2 October but it would be very helpful if any items not dependent on outcomes at the AGM could be sent much sooner.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

Harrogate U3A now has over 800 members, so it beggars belief there is so much difficulty in finding volunteers to serve on The Committee or become Group Leaders. It is always the same few people who dare to put their-heads above the parapet

Several Groups have waiting lists. This is far from ideal. The Ethos of U3A is self-help, so if you are on such a list what is to stop you from forming another Group. Answer is absolutely nothing. Being a group Leader is not rocket science.

Then there are one or two Groups who, although they already have a Leader, need someone to give assistance. For instance, Calligraphy is in danger of folding and is desperate for a tutor. Is there no one out of 800+ people who is proficient in this art?

The Sketching Group has the same problem. We soldier on, enjoying our trips out and one another's company, but we would love someone to tell us where we are going wrong. I said the Ethos of U3A was self-help. However, I cannot help thinking it is turning out to be more SELF than HELP.


Julie Eldridge.

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