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June 2010







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Group Updates (Cont’d)

Photography Group.

As of March 2010 the photography group came under “new management.”  All the group members would like to express their thanks to Carolyn Watson, (Group Leader),  Julie Eldridge (Events Coordinator) and Pauline Nolan (Treasurer/Secretary) for their outstanding work over the last few years, and their leadership in building up the group to its present level. During their time in office, many trips and events have been organised that have stretched the group in their understanding of camera technology and photographic techniques.  Photography nowadays also requires an understanding of how to download pictures to the computer, digital editing, emailing and printing, so there is much to stretch the old brain muscles.

I would like to thank David Purser and Eileen Crank for their willingness to assist me in taking over this thriving group and we hope we can continue the legacy that has been started and encourage the group to new achievements and accomplishments.


Leonard Boydell


With some changes to the programme, the Friday group continued with the theme of language. Over two meetings Mary King explained some of the ideas of Jacques Derrida. The following meeting was an ethical discussion lead by Geoffrey King on ‘Ethics of Theatre’, which covered the use of theatre to propagate the mythology of the ancient Greeks through to the more modern ideas such as ‘The Dolls House’ by Ibsen. At the May meeting we will be looking at the ideas of Steven Pinker on the role of ‘Thought on Language’, led by Terry Collins.

Meanwhile the Tuesday group continued with the theme of the Greeks. After ending our examinations of Aristotle’s theories we moved on to the more defensive philosophies of the Hellenistic period. First we looked at Diogenes and the Cynics. After a break for a very interesting ethical discussion on the topic of ‘Responsibility in a joint enterprise’, led by Avril Bullus, we returned to the Greeks and led by John Wilby we discussed Epicurus and the Epicureans and found that far from the popular impression of them leading a life of hedonistic debauchery they really advocated and lived in a very simple and modest manner. We shall continue with the Stoics and their  influence through the Roman era.

In the next academic year. Starting in September, we shall work our way through ‘Philosophy, the Basics’ a book on philosophic methods of thought and discussion, written by Nigel Warburton (senior lecturer on philosophy for the Open University) for first year students.

Both groups are very friendly and there is still some room for new members in the Tuesday Group. We meet at 2.00 pm, on the third Tuesday in the month. If you are interested email


David Broadley

Reading For Pleasure.

We are coming to the end of another successful and enjoyable year. The meetings are normally attended by 14 members and our discussions are lively and informative.

We chose 11 books at our September meeting. We like to include one historical factual book, a biography, classic novel and a crime one. We are trying something different this year which is called "book in a brown paper parcel". Yes it does sound rather dubious, but what it entails is that everybody brings a book of their own choice wrapped in paper. The books are then handed round to the members, we read them, and at our June meeting we are each giving a review of the book which we have been given to read. It should be a very interesting exercise, and I am looking forward to the June meeting. If this is successful I hope that we will be able to repeat the exercise again next year.

We are also giving points of various categories for every book which we read, and in September, I will announce which book has been our most successful during this year.

I'm not able to accept any new members at the moment. I did suggest at the AGM that rather than compiling a very long waiting list, that perhaps some other willing person would like to form another reading group. I would be only too willing to give some help, and could even suggests some reasonably priced premises rather that holding a meeting in their own home.


Jill Pullman

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