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June 2010







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Group Updates (Cont’d)

Keep Fit

The term will end in July - the date to be determined later - because of the possibility of an extended half term break. Please keep an eye on the web site or contact Val by phone or email.

Next term will start on September 14th. The venue and time remains the same. Please email


Val Cooke


Numbers have gradually reduced since start up to the extent that hiring a hall is tending to increase charges unreasonably. Being a game for four players around a table it means that if numbers exceed eight a domestic living room is likely to be too small. Our numbers vary from six to 12 and since we are playing two versions of the game with little mixing it will be necessary to decide whether it is possible to continue in September.

I am also now keen to take a back seat and would like someone else to take on the leader responsibilities.


Chris Rush

Painting and Drawing 3

We continue to meet at Mayfield Community Church and are using our watercolours on skies, landscapes and animals at the moment.

We have a list of 11 or 12 members but the number attending is often just four or five. Volcanic ash, family commitments, overseas trips and the like have all got to be considered


Margaret Willan


Since the New Year, 2010, we have been meeting at our old home, the Convent on Oatlands Drive, now called Apsley Grange.

On January 19 we enjoyed a fabulous Post Xmas Lunch at Ascot House on Kings Road.

As usual our programme has been very varied and challenging including portraits, shadows in still life and a tree with character.  The high point being a group project, a mural ‘Harrogate Panorama’, to which both morning and afternoon groups contributed and which will be displayed at the AGM in September.  

On March 30, we visited the annual York Art Society Exhibition.

On July 6 we are taking a coach trip to Chatsworth House.  A trip abroad later in the year is still under discussion.

The group meets each Tuesday throughout the year.

If you are interested in drawing and painting, contact our Group Leader, for more information.


  Esme Paterson

  Peter Kearney

French Conversation

We are a happy band, determined to improve our knowledge and fluency under the expert guidance of Tony Ninham. Having finished reading "Bonjour Tristesse", we are now engrossed in a play - "Knock" by Jules Romains, comical yet acutely observed.

Under the auspices of the "Lib Dems" we (9 of us and 2 from one of the German Groups) enjoyed a short trip to Strasbourg to see and experience the European Parliament. We sailed from Hull to Rotterdam overnight, and thence by coach to Strasbourg - a long journey broken by welcome stops for snacks etc.

Wednesday morning, immediately after breakfast, our coach took us to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, an enormous modern building built in the round. Visitors are accommodated on a high circular balcony, provided with headphones and aided by multi-tongued translators. Each speaker was allowed to comment on the previous debate for about two minutes only. It was an historic occasion in one way in that it was the first occasion on which MEP Baroness Ashton spoke in the Parliament as High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security for the EU.

Later, in the evening, we were welcomed by Diana Wallace MEP to a wholesome meal.


A E Hart”

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