Issue 36

June 2010







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Group Updates

Armchair Travellers

Armchair Travellers has now finished for the summer.

This year we have ‘visited’ Mauritius, Israel, Macedonia, Austria, Holland, Yemen and Chile. On June 7th we shall actually be visiting Otley for our summer outing, following the town trail, looking at the buildings. We sometimes take for granted what is on our doorstep. Our indoor ‘ travelling’ resumes on September 6th when our destination will be Bolivia.


Barbara Peel


I am happy to report that though our numbers are still small we are making progress!

Diana Broadley has taken us in hand as a technical adviser and breathed new life into the group. Although Diana can't join us each session, she passes on her love of calligraphy and is so patient.

I think that sometimes experience counts more than a piece of paper saying that one has a qualification, which does not always mean that the individual can actually teach!

At the moment we are learning Gothic script which some of us are going to find very useful in our card making when perfected. There are several more hands to learn so it is very much an ongoing learning curve, and there are many uses of the craft.

We are a happy and friendly group, why don't you come to join us?

We meet twice a month on the second and fourth Fridays at 6 Valley Mount from 2-4p.m.

The dates for June are - 11th and 25th.


Ruth Ogle.

Creative Writing Group

Each month a different member of the group takes the meeting. They set us a small exercise, which usually takes about 20 minutes, which we read out over a cup of tea. He or she gives us a heading for a story which is read out next month. This gives us a greater diversity of tasks, and involvement for the team. It is more interesting than for me to take the lead each month.

We cover a wide range of subjects. Recently we tried our hand at Limericks which caused a laugh. One or two, only just passed the censor!

The hardest task was to write a story containing no more than 50 words. Not as easy as it sounds.


Julie Eldridge