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June 2010







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Special Group Notices

Current Affairs

No further meetings will take place until after the AGM. Brian Elias is stepping down as leader of the Current Affairs group as he is unwell. The Group wishes him a speedy recovery and thanks him for the contribution he made, while supporting Maurice Line and for leading the group since Maurice retired.

Siggie Mattison has been holding the fort but thinks that for the group to continue, a new Group Leader is required and interested members should meet to agree a programme of topics.

Normal format of meetings is for the chosen topic to be introduced by a member or an external speaker which then leads to a general debate.

Siggie has arranged a meeting at 2 PM Friday 2nd July at St. Robert's to discuss the future of the Group. It is hoped to restart the group at the AGM and any member who is interested in supporting the Current Affairs Group is asked to attend the above meeting or contact by email ,

Science Group Coach Outing to British Library at Boston Spa

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the British Library in Boston Spa and to be addressed by the Head of Conservation, Barry Knight. The visit was proposed by Maurice Line and arranged by John Leigh. It is offered in recognition of Maurice’s long working contribution to the Library.

Barry Knight is coming up from London to talk about “Conservation of Library Materials”.  We will also be shown around this high-tech facility.

We go by coach on Wednesday 21st July at 12.30pm from Trinity Church.

The cost is £10 to cover the coach and we will be back about before 5pm.

The outing is limited to 25 members so book now.


Painting Group exhibit at St Jame's Church, Boroughbridge

This annual exhibition, over the May holiday weekend, was started several years ago as a chance for the newly fledged U3A painting group members to exhibit their paintings, while supporting the church.

The three day event was launched by a Preview evening  enhanced by the musical accompaniment of David Bellwood's Palm Court Dance Quintet. Refreshments were served over the whole weekend giving a pleasant continental café and cultural ambiance.

Many paintings were shown by the Harrogate U3A painting group and four members sold their pictures. Peter Kearney, the Harrogate group leader, was the resident artist on the Saturday, painting a lovely picture of the interior of the church.

This year's exhibition of paintings proved a great success visually, with a great selection of pictures, and financially by raising over £1,000 .


Sue Robinson, Painting Group member

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