Issue 36

June 2010







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Start a New Group

New Groups or Courses

Anyone for Stamp Collecting, Computing, Genealogy, Italian for Beginners, Looking at Local Buildings, Technology for the Mystified or anything else?

At the last Committee meeting we decided to split the role of the Group Coordinator.  Barbara Davy

( ) is now the Group Coordinator who will be keeping touch with Group Leaders.

Angela Sansam (  ) is now the Group Development Officer.  She will support those who wish to start up new groups, help set up second groups when we have waiting lists or help out groups experiencing difficulties. So if you have a great idea for a group or if you are interested in any of the above but put off by the idea of setting up a group please contact Angela.

Remember - you don’t have to be committed to running a group on your own or forever; you don’t have to be an expert or a teacher. We do, however, always need new groups to meet the needs of increasing numbers of members. Could you think about running a short course for a few months or one year?