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February 2010







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Grants for Ground Source Heat Pumps

Last August I was approached via email by a project manager with The Energy Partnership inviting me to include information about the availability of grants towards the installation of this technology.

After receiving answers to some questions about the conditions of the grants and economy of the systems I included the information in the last issue of Stray News.

I have received feedback from three U3A members who decided to investigate the grant. Of those, who all apparently qualified, one was offered a grant of only £1700 pounds towards the total of £10,000, one was unable to contact anybody on the number given and the last was able to put in an application. I do not yet know of the progress on the one application.

After hearing of these problems I tried to speak to my original contact at The Energy Partnership. First I sent an email to the original address with no response. I then used the enquiry form on their web site with again no response. I telephoned the number given in the email and learned that my contact no longer worked with the Partnership but was given instead the name of the manager at the Energy Partnership (not of course in the office that day) together with an email address and was assured that I would get a reply. I have heard nothing further and since this is a Local Authority funded enterprise I am wondering whether to raise it with my County Councillor.

If anyone has any more feed back please let me know.


Chris Rush - Editor

Editor’s Corner

We have recently lost several groups for various reasons. Are Group Leaders’ duties becoming too onerous  with an amount of paperwork to rival the education system?

The Latin group continues but not within Harrogate U3A, partly, but not entirely,  because the Group Leader felt there was too much paperwork and also because the tutor and some participants are not U3A members. The U3A insurance cover would not therefore apply. I believe there is a misconception here of the requirements but nevertheless the lack of clarity may be a deterrent to others. To form an unassociated group may be attractive but I suspect any liability remains the same but without benefit of the U3A insurance protection limited though it is.

You will see from the report above that we now have over 800 members but if you look through this issue and others you will notice that the number of contributors is disgracefully low. Apart from a few group leaders who always try to insert some informative item the number of ordinary members providing copy can be counted on one hand and of these many are regulars.

Does nobody else have an item of interest to tell us about? I feel like the Traveller.



“Tell them I came and no one answer’d,

That I kept my word,” he said.

Never the least stir made the listeners,

Though every word he spake

Fell echoing through the shadowiness of the still house..........

From ‘The Listeners’ by Walter De La Mare