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February 2010







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A Profile of the Vice Chairman - David Davies

My career spanned consultancy, aircraft and telecoms and included senior management posts with Rolls-Royce and STC.

Later, I held academic appointments at Leeds Metropolitan University.

I started, and remained involved with, the company director programme, through which 600 directors passed in the following 12 years. During this period I held a non-executive directorship.

Concurrent activities–

30 years service with the Territorial Army latterly, in rank of major, officer commanding a combat engineer squadron. Served in Germany, Denmark, Cyprus, Northern Ireland.

18 years service as a magistrate, the last ten years as a presiding magistrate in adult criminal courts.

Current Activities--

Sailor--small boats on big waters.

Volunteer ranger, North Yorkshire- small boots on big hills.

Group Leader, Modern UK History course U3A. An interest which developed from my early days when, as a boy, I would jot down UK and world events in my 2/6d ‘Letts’ diary.


David W Davies

A Profile of Committee Member - Leonard Boydell

As a relative newcomer to U3A I am surprised to find myself on the committee. It`s what you get when you tell the wrong person you are “willing to help”, but since I have spent many years “helping” in various organisations it seemed the natural thing to do.

I don`t know if I should have been excluded on the ground of being a Lancastrian, but since the “War of the Roses” is long gone, except on the cricket pitch, I hope it will not be held against me.  I have actually spent more years out of Lancashire than I ever did in it, having spent my time over the last 40 years living in various parts of the country.  Coming back to Harrogate, some 18 months ago, was my 15th move since getting married in 1968, but it is here I hope to stay.

Most of my working life has been involved with the management and maintenance of buildings, my last proper job being at Burton Agnes Hall near Bridlington. One aspect of my work I have really enjoyed is that most of the buildings I have lived and worked at, have been in beautiful country locations, which adds a special tranquility to life.  One reason I was keen to come back to this area, is its natural beauty and history (as well as having a daughter and two grandchildren living here).

I did not learn about U3A until I returned to Harrogate but I have become an ardent fan of its purposes and programmes. I have encouraged friends in many areas to find their local U3A and join some groups, generally to bring a new sense of purpose to their lives, make new friends, develop new skills and even to share existing skills.  I think U3A has so much to offer, especially in the Harrogate area, where we have so many different groups and activities available.

I hope I can, in some small way, contribute to the work that has been done by others and help the Harrogate U3A programme to continue meeting the needs and aspirations of the local community.


Leonard Boydell