Issue 34

October 2009







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A Day to Remember – Six Mile Walk

The nice thing about the Day to Remember was that all those who joined us from away had walked with us on our regional walks day at Pateley Bridge last year.
The six mile walkers took the ‘36’ Ripon bus to the end of Markenfield Hall Lane. All our group members are familiar with Markenfield Hall but our visitors were really thrilled to see it. Even the black swans looked their best in the sunshine.
Our route took us through a wood and across the fields to Markington for our lunch stop on the Cricket Field, which we enjoyed sitting in glorious sunshine. Following lunch we made our way to Ripley in order to catch the bus back to Harrogate: where tea and cakes awaited us at the Baptist Church, this was very welcome as we arrived red faced and extremely hot!!
All our visitors enjoyed the walk and as the couple from Swanland, Keith & Hilary, were leaving Keith’s parting shot was “See you next year!!”

Barbara Peel

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