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October 2009







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The Annual General Meeting 2009

Early on Friday, 25th September, 2009, Janet and Robin arrived at the Cairn Hotel to set up the Amplification System, U3A Display and help wherever needed. Later, Group Leaders and helpers arrived to set up their displays and appreciated the plan drawn up by Eileen Davies.

By 11 o'clock the room was set and members, old and new, arrived and were welcomed at the door by Barbara Peel. There was a real buzz in the room and members and visitors were visiting all the displays.

The AGM commenced promptly at 2 p.m. with 150 members present and Janet in the Chair. Catherine presented the accounts and explained our current financial situation. Janet gave a comprehensive and interesting report.




Tricia Ward was elected as Chairman, David Davies as Vice Chairman and Ruth Townrow as Secretary. The following members were elected en bloc to serve on the Committee - Leonard Boydell, David Masterman, Pauline Nolan, Angela Sansam, Betty Travena and Carolyn Watson.


The meeting recognised the appointment of members to serve on a Support Team as follows - Ivan Peel (technical support) Roger Wilkins Barbara Davy, Sue Elliot, Pam Gilling, Ann Hill, Margaret Marks, Lee Parkes and Sheila Thomas.


Janet made a presentation to Maurice Line on the occasion of his retirement as a Group Leader. He had served as Chairman, Group Leader and Editor of Stray News; and his election as an Honorary Member of Harrogate U3A was unanimously approved.


Tricia thanked Janet for her service as Secretary and Chairman, and the thanks of the meeting was expressed by prolonged applause. Tricia also thanked Betty Mallinson for her work both as Membership Secretary and Secretary, which was endorsed by the meeting. Gordon Darlington was also thanked for his support.


The Day was another successful event in the life of the Harrogate U3A, due in no small measure to Janet, Betty, Eileen and the staff at the Cairn Hotel.



Hoax emails

Would members hesitate before forwarding unverified emails to everyone on their address book list. I have received several emails in the past year that were well known and quite old hoaxes. Although damage can be done to your computer from attachments in emails a good and up to date anti-virus/malware product provides a fair defence also do not click on links in emails. Most anti-virus software sites contain information about hoaxes and should be consulted before passing on incorrect and alarming information. The site has useful information on this.


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