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October 2009







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From the Chairman – INITIAL THOUGHTS

THANKS to Janet and Betty who have been so helpful and organised.


AFFIRMATION that I will "do my best" as I take over Janet's mantle.


HOPE that the Group Leaders will carry on their good work in engendering the ethos   of the U3A.


I look forward to working with the Committee and Support Team.


Historically there were Three Guiding Principles of the U3A in the UK.


Number 2.  The Self-Help Learning Principle.


I draw your attention to the last sentence -


"The sole criterion of what is done and how it is achieved is the members' wishes, with the accent on learning for its own sake - and with an emphasis on SHEER ENJOYMENT as a prime motive."


Although not now incorporated in this form, the sentiment continues to be included within the Aims and Principles  of The Third Age Trust.



Membership News

At the AGM we enrolled 34 new members and membership then stood at 920. Over 200 hundred members have yet to renew their subscriptions, no reminders will be sent out this year and any remaining unpaid will be deleted on 1st December.

A new members’ meeting will be held on November 2nd. The invitations will be sent out shortly to 90 people.  This meeting is for members who have joined since May this year and gives them the opportunity to meet the Committee, Group Leaders and other new members.


Barbara Peel – Membership Secretary

Editor’s Notes

At last I have been able to publish the latest issue of Stray News. It has had a lengthy gestation as it was necessary to wait for the AGM before starting a layout and I could not decide on a front page. Unfortunately during the week I should have finished I managed to crash the hard drive on my desktop. Fortunately I had a back-up but it meant working on my laptop which is not ideal for the purpose. I am still re-building the computer after replacing the damaged hard drive.

Please do not submit articles containing copyrighted material “text or images” unless you have obtained the permission of the copyright holder. Such use could be embarrassing and possibly costly as our news letter is available to the public.

A new concept of a formal Support Team was introduced at the AGM but it should be remembered that all members of Harrogate U3A should be support team members and play their part in keeping the organisation active.

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