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October 2009







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Group Updates cont’d

Card Craft

We are now entering our third year and our numbers continue to grow.

We now have two groups and both are now full and a waiting list will need to be started.

We will be starting to make various designs of Christmas cards in the coming weeks.


Betty Romaniak


The season is from April to October and the group meets from 2pm on Mondays and Fridays. We play golf croquet and coaching is available. Friendly challenge matches with cups presented and friendly matches are played at home and away. Social events take place throughout the season, including barbecue and croquet fun day. It is a very friendly club.

At the AGM a number of members registered an interest in joining the U3A Section next year, and they will be invited up for trial games in the spring, with membership being offered to fill any existing vacancies at that time.

Anyone who missed the AGM and would still like to register an interest in playing croquet next spring, but with no firm commitment at this stage, should contact the Croquet Club Chairman .


Dawn Hey


We meet at each other’s houses, we talk French, sometimes to each other, sometimes to a passing French neighbour and we eat cakes in the interval. After eating too much we read and translate French literature — at present Jean de Florette by Marcel Paguol.


John Edwards


In June we had a coach trip to Holker Hall, the seat of the Cavendish Family, on the Cartmel Peninsula in the southern Lake District... The coach arrived rather later than expected just in time for lunch in the garden, the wildflower meadow or the restaurant. The weather was ideal being hot and sunny and the members then dispersed round the garden to enjoy the many sights. There is a network of paths that take in rare and exotic plants that thrive in the micro-climate of the Cartmel Peninsula. These include the National Collection of Stryracaceae, an ancient buttressed lime tree and the more formal structured central garden surrounded by wilder areas and parkland.

July saw us visiting a local garden, Parceval Hall at Skyreholm in the Dales. Unfortunately the weather was against us with a morning of wind and rain. This deterred members from attending the afternoon walk round the garden. The few who turned up were met by a break in the weather and we managed a couple of hours taking in the sights and variety of plants in this sheltered and secluded garden. At this point being cold and windswept the party repaired to the café for tea before returning home.

August was an indoor meet with a short talk from Chris Abbott on the English Garden followed by a plant exchange and a display of Fuchsia grown by the members. The Fuchsias were judged by Mrs Abbott to see who had produced the best plants during the year.

September saw us visiting Thorpe Perrow Arboretum near Bedale. The weather was warm and sunny but only a few members took advantage of the weather and visit. Although the autumnal colours had not started to develop there was plenty of colour in the arboretum. Groups of small flowered cyclamen covered the ground and in the Acer grove there was plenty of colour and one that stood out had beautiful pink foliage. The Rodgersia also added shape and colour. There is also the Falconry and Animal Centre as an additional attraction which some members took advantage of and were amused by the Meerkats.


Ian Wallace

Healthy Eating

The group has shown its versatility in cooking (and eating) everything from salmon to turkey, soups to desserts.

Menus are chosen by the group and all take part in the preparation and cooking. It is hoped that next year will be as successful and that menus become even more adventurous.

The group usually meets on the second Friday of every month but due to the prior booking of the venue in October and December those sessions will meet on 16th  October and 4th December. The November meeting will be on 14th of the month.


Liz Craddock

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