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October 2009







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Recycling Survey

The following has been received via a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator:

Harrogate Borough Council will be conducting a house to house survey regarding recycling from 15 Sept. until 14 Nov. Surveyors will be visiting 40,000 homes in the district. This is a genuine project and all surveyors will be carrying the appropriate form of identification which should be requested before answering any questions.

Availability of grant for installing Ground Source Heat Pumps

Harrogate District Council in conjunction with the Energy Partnership is urging residents to take advantage of a new scheme which provides grants of £6,000 off the cost of fully installed Ground Source Heat Pumps.

The ground temperature below approximately 2 metres is retained at a constant level of 10 – 15 degrees, even during winter. This heat can be extracted when a loop of pipe filled with a mixture of water and antifreeze, is buried. As the liquid travels round the pipe, it absorbs the heat and is then used to heat radiators, under floor heating systems and even hot water.

Ground Source Heat Pump systems have no hazardous gas emissions or flammable oil. Additionally, there is no need for regular servicing and maintenance is very low.

The Energy Partnership is a not-for-profit organisation which encourages the take up of energy efficiency and renewable technology measures across the region.

Applicants must be home owner-occupiers aged 60 or over, in properties in council tax bands A, B or C.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, call your local Energy Saving Trust advice centre on free phone 0800 512012.

Further information on Heat Pumps

The following paragraphs were given as answer to queries raised with Energy Partnership about the above press notice.


“The total cost is around £9000, with the remaining £3000+ made into a 0% interest home equity loan from Harrogate Borough Council. The £6000 is the actual grant amount, no less or more will be given. As I outlined before, the only requirements for the grant are being a homeowner in council tax band A, B or C, and aged 60 and over.

As there is a loan to cover the remaining costs, the pay back is essentially when you sell your house. From brief research I conducted on the subject of the value renewable technologies add to a house price, I found that in a recent MORI poll, people are willing to pay up to £10,000 more for a property if it has a renewable system. The benefits definitely outweigh the cons when you consider a potential £7000 profit and the savings made from heating your home for free.

Once a date has been set for installation, if the weather  conditions are good, it takes around a week. The disruption caused is kept to a minimum, with the home owner consulted about any plants they want to keep, and which ones they do not mind losing. The installer was explaining the process to me recently and he said they take up as little turf as possible, then relay it all. Obviously, the creation of a bore hole can create mess , with water shooting up, however, near walls are covered with sheeting, and the mess is cleaned up as best as possible afterwards.

 Almost any property can have a ground source heat pump installed, with the exception of flats who do not have garden access.

There is no requirement for annual servicing, unlike other heating methods, and the total maintenance needed is very low.”



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