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October 2009







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Group Updates cont’d


At the beginning of the year we had so many new members that we had to move out of the community centre and into St Robert's, where we have more room and easy access to projectors etc.

We started the year with a social gathering at the Millstones Carvery, which was an opportunity for new members to meet the group.

In January we had Bryon Allison showing us how  to mount our photographs. Since then we have purchased our own machine.

Our meetings in February and March were on the functions of the camera and the computer. Both were given by our own group members, Richard Stobbs and Nick Sambidge; it was a valuable approach for the group. Further workshops will take place.

In April we had a visit to Saltaire to photograph the national heritage site. Unfortunately the heavens opened and nine of us were struggling to get our cameras focused so we retreated into a café, where we disturbed the local clergy.

May was busy putting on an exhibition for The Day to Remember, we had over 50 exhibits.

In June we took a coach to Staithes. 28 of us including guests had a most enjoyable day as it was hot and sunny. July we were busy selecting and mounting our photographs correctly. Our exhibition was at St. Peter's Church from 1st-7th of August. Our theme was "Celebrating Yorkshire" with over 80 exhibits on display. Over 300 people came and seemed to appreciate our efforts.

We are introducing a Question and Answer slot each month so members can raise any problems they may have either with their cameras or computers.

Also we are trying to put our photographs on a web site for our group use only. We had a Macro workshop kindly presented by Leonard Boydell which has encouraged us to try it with some intriguing results.

We had a visit to Skipton, where we went around the castle, also the canal and shopping precinct, hopefully some good photographs were taken as it was a nice sunny day. At the AGM we showed our ".Celebrating Yorkshire" photos. In October we have another outing to Richmond. At our November meeting there will be a talk and presentation on black and white photography, this will be given by Jose Juan .

This brings us to the end of our year. We  have had an exciting and busy time, learning new things and supporting one another. We now have 33 members.

I would like to say to the group, many thanks for all your support and helpful ideas, this is very much appreciated by my team, Pauline, Julie and myself.

I would not be able to keep afloat if I had not had Pauline sending all those Agendas out and Julie organising our trips out. So a huge thank you for your advice and support, it is appreciated.


Carolyn Watson

Reading For Pleasure

We had another enjoyable year during which time we read nine books which promoted a great deal of lively discussion. In October the group will be celebrating its 18th year.

We held our planning meeting on Thursday 10th September, when we chose another ten books to read and comment on during this coming year. We are also trying two new things; firstly group members will be asked to bring a book to be concealed in paper wrapping. The books will be passed round to the group members, making sure that they don’t chose their own book, and at the June meeting each member has been asked to report back on the book that they were given. This should be an interesting exercise. We are also going to give each book points for various categories, and at our September planning meeting the book which is awarded the highest number of points will be our book of the year.

There are 18 members in the reading group, so I will have to compile a waiting list if any new members are interested in joining us – or perhaps someone may be willing to start another reading group.


Jill Pullman

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