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October 2009







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Group Updates cont’d


A new academic year and the Tuesday Group continued with the ancient Greeks. We have now moved on to Aristotle, and so far are looking at his differences with Plato, in particular his view of the reality of objects compared with Plato’s view of ‘Forms’. We shall continue with this at the next meeting and then in November John Fairburn will lead an ethical discussion on ‘prison sentencing / early release’. December will be a ‘philosophical’ pub lunch.

The Friday Group started the year with a look at Eastern Philosophy. In September discussing Oriental Philosophy (which is mainly Confucius). The October meeting will be led by Derek Evans on Buddhism, with a similar ethical discussion to the Tuesday Group in November, and Pub lunch in December. In 2010 the theme will be ‘the philosophy of language.

Both groups are very friendly and have mainly discussion, not lecture, meetings. There is still some room in the Tuesday group for new members. If you are interested contact me .


David Broadley

15 Sept
David Broadley
20 Oct
David Broadley
7 Nov
An ethical discussion Criminals prison sentencing / early release
John Fairburn
15 Dec
Pub Lunch Location to be decided
19 Jan
To be announced
To be decided
16 Feb
The Epicureans
To be decided
16 Mar
An ethical discussion - Topic to be decided
To be decided
20 April
The Stoics
David Broadley
18 May
The Romans
David Broadley
15 June
To be announced

Tuesday  Philosophy Group


Programme:-    Academic year 2009 – 2010


We shall continue with the Greeks and then move on to the Roman period with some ethical discussions.


Group Leader David Broadley

Meetings start at 2.00pm at Community House, 46 East Parade

On the third Tuesday in the month


David Broadley

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