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October 2009




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Group Updates cont’d


We meet on the first Tuesday of every month between 12.30 & 12.45 at the bus station in the circular shelter. Come and join us, our walks are up to 4 miles in length and wherever possible we finish with a cup of tea.

In November the walk will be Duchy Road, the Pine Woods and the Valley Gardens. My December walk will be very different, a short exploration of Leeds City Centre, taking in some of the history.


Barbara Peel

Tai Chi

There is still room for more members of the Tai Chi groups.  There is a choice of days.  Monday at 4.30pm in St John's Church Hall, Bilton and Thursday afternoon at 3.30pm in the Jennyfield Styan Hall.  Both sessions last an hour and are taken by a professional instructor - Breffni.

A trial session costs £5.00.  To continue until Christmas it is necessary to pay upfront, but the initial session is taken into account and the price for the term is assessed accordingly for each individual.

Please contact  me  


Val Cooke

Textile Crafts

For our group, the major event of the last few months was the "Day to Remember" and its aftermath. Our project was a workshop where visitors were provided with threads and fabric which had been printed with a design to embroider. This was started on the day itself and work was continued by  members of our group for the next three months.Once the sixteen panels were completed, they were made into the cushion we hope you saw at the AGM.

Raffling this enabled us to give a donation of £50 to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

During the following months we shall be making boxes and combining painted backgrounds with 3D work.

We continue to meet on 4th Mondays from 2 - 4 pm at Harlow Hill Methodist Church in Otley Road.There are a few vacancies but they are being quickly taken up so ring me first.


Julie Clark

Theatre Group

We have visits planned for Leeds, Harrogate and York theatres between now and November.

We are planning to go to Harrogate Theatre in February and March to see “Alfie” and “Absent Friends”.

If you would like a copy of the next programme contact me .


Jean Jayne

Unless otherwise shown address all enquiries to Harrogate U3A by email at

Writing - Creative

Patricia Gray left us in July after leading the group for two years. As a consequence I can only report on two months. In August we were only five which has since swelled to ten.

As a group we feel the title should be changed to “Writing for Pleasure”. Not that we have no creative people, but we think the very word might deter some people from joining. Having said that, ten is about the right number due to the nature of our set-up. Therefore we will have to resort to a waiting list or hope someone would be willing to form another group.


Julie Eldridge

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