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October 2009







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Please note that most email addresses on this site are protected to avoid abuse by spammers. You will need a JavaScript enabled browser to see the email addresses.


Members should consult the group activities sheet issued to all members for details of all groups.

Only those groups submitting news items will appear in these columns

Discontinued Groups

Creative Writing - 2

I have now retired from running this group and any prospective members should contact Julie Eldridge. Julie runs the other Creative Writing Group and she is short of members.

Leila Wilson

Music for Pleasure

The group has disbanded.  Jane Lishman has resigned from the U3A and as no one in the group wishes to take over the group has come to its end.

Is there anyone out there who would like to take over?

Group Updates

Armchair Travellers

We are looking forward to visiting Israel this month and hope everyone has found something of interest.

At the end of each meeting the next destination is agreed and members volunteer to research specific topics such as history, politics or folklore. Meetings are held in Community House on 1st Monday of the month but in June we venture out for a visit and lunch.


Barbara Peel


The main bridge group is due to return to the Convent in October and will be known as Bridge (Convent). A new group is to start at Bilton Cricket Club from October 8th and will be known as Bridge (Bilton).


Beatrice Cairns


We have been in existence for one year in the true U3A ethos, no teacher. I am still trying to find one without any success so far, in spite of which, all members are improving. As the class is small, we are still meeting monthly at my house, 6 Valley Mount from 2pm to 4pm on the second Friday.

It may be of interest to other members that there is a calligraphy exhibition in the nave of Ripon Cathedral from October 3rd until October 22nd. The North Yorkshire Calligraphers are holding a workshop on October 22nd for anyone who would like to try the art.There may be another date but this has not yet been verified. Please ring me if the 22nd is not a viable date for you.

Many thanks to the members of the group who have had some previous experience of  calligraphy, we are very grateful for their help.


Ruth Ogle

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